About ma:nyo (former Manyo Factory)

Manyo Factory brand was first introduced in 2012. The first legendary product by Manyo Factory – The Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence spread rapidly throughout South Korea and nearby Asian countries. Within just first 3 years the number of pieces sold in Asia reached 500,000 bottles! Currently in 2019 the number of sold pieces has reached close to 800,000 according to the Manyo’s statements.

Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence
Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence back in 2015

Originally Manyo Factory was only meant for domestic sales in Korea. But because they quickly became so popular, they began selling their products worldwide.

healthy skin by natural ingredients

The main principle of the Manyo Factory approach to healthy beauty is to use only the selected high quality natural ingredients. As the delicious fruit comes from good soil, good skin starts with the healthy skin.

Manyo Factory rebranding story

In the end of 2018 Manyo Factory started the rebranding process which involved significant design and product name changes. It’s been reported in the local news (MoneyToday) that the owner of the Mediheel masks brand the L&P Cosmetics company has acquired 70% of the Manyo Factory stake. The enterprise value of Manyo Factory was estimated by 25-30 million dollars at that time.

As a result, the Manyo Factory has been incorporated as a subsidiary of the L&P Cosmetics with a new name – ma:nyo, but it is still operated by the two founders Kim Hyun Soo and Hwang Kwan Ik.

L&P Cosmetics decided to invest in a variety of cosmetic products in addition to its mainstay mask products. With the ma:nyo in mind, they planned to target the online market along with the offline channels such as the existing H & B stores and duty free shops.

Nowadays, Ma:nyo is known as one of the top Korean brands with natural, organic and botanical ingredients. It has around 450,000 official online store members and is one of the fastest growing brands, with sales average eight times higher than the initial average in one year.

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