Manyo Factory brand was first introduced in 2012. The frist product by Manyo Factory – The Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence spread rapidly throughout South Korea and nearby Asian countries. Within just first 3 years the number of pieces sold in Asia reached 500,000 bottles!

Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence

Galactomyces Niacin Special treatment essence back in 2015

Nowadays, Manyo Factory is known as one of the top Korean brands with natural, organic and botanical ingredients.

Originally Manyo Factory was only meant for domestic sales in Korea. But because they quickly became so popular, they began selling their products worldwide.

healthy skin by natural ingredients

The main principle of the Manyo Factory approach to healthy beauty is to use only the selected high quality natural ingredients. As the delicious fruit comes from good soil, good skin starts with the healthy skin.

Buying the products in sets you save on shipping!

Our online store is focused on providing a complex treatment for the people with trouble skin by offering several sets of products recommended by the Manyo Factory skin care specialists. These sets are targeted to treat certain specific skin problems.

Manyo Factory Trouble Skin Care Set1. Trouble Skin Care Set – a set of 3 major Galactomy line of products including the Galactomy Clearskin Toner, Galactomy Niacin Essence and Galactomy Essence Cream. Together, they form the basis for daily skin care routine and help to treat the skin suffering from acne, tighten enlarged pores, moisturize and restore damaged by acne skin.

Manyo Factory Go Back in Time Set2. Go back in Time set – Anti-aging Skin Care Kit After 35. Daily skin care routine for mature skin after 35-40 should be especially scrupulous and rigorous, if you want to look like forever young at 50. Get the Manyo Factory “Go back in Time” – Anti-aging Skin Care Kit and don’t worry about the age – wrinkles won’t show up soon!

Blemish Lab Natural Acne Treatment Set

3. Manyo Factory Blemish Lab Natural Acne Treatment Set consists of 7 powerful acne solution products that effectively eliminate the cause of the problem in the shortest possible time. Based on the Salicylic acid they help to clean and soothe skin. Regular use of the treatments will make your skin look healthy and clean all the time!

Manyo Basic Full Care set renewed items4. Manyo Factory Basic Full Care Set is a complete solution skin care routine to take a proper care for troubled skin at your home. The set includes all the products necessary for basic skin care and features a traditional korean multi-step approach: a sequential application of products. Each item of the Basic Full Care set has its own targeted treatment and different effects, but collectively gives a beautiful, gentle, healthy and well cared skin.

Manyo Factory 2 Weeks Express Program5. Manyo Factory 2 Weeks Express Program: Effective Melasma Treatment Set 2 Weeks Express Program + Niacin Alpha Spot Cream have been combined into a powerful hyperpigmentation treatment program to achieve in 14 days a more bright and even skin tone, significantly brighten dark patches formed by photodamage (sun) and hormonal changes.

Manyo Factory Brightening Skin Care Set6. Brightening Skin Care set – Daily use of the treatments will brighten and moisturize your skin, get rid of and prevent hyperpigmentation and age spots, protect skin from harmful environment free radicals, reduce melanin synthesis.

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