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The founder and CEO, Jina Lee, a mother and holistic aromatherapist, became passionate about organic ingredients and began making skin care from natural ingredients when she became pregnant with her first child. Conventional cosmetics didn’t suit her atopic, allergy-prone skin and she was desperate to find healthier alternatives for her family than using products with synthetic and artificial additives.

She set about creating truly safe and effective formulations for her family by studying cosmetic ingredients, chemistry, fragrances, and getting qualifications in aromatherapy. What initially started as a change in her lifestyle and well-being for her family and herself became her passion and goal to create genuine natural and organic skin care, particularly for sensitive skin. The result was URANG, which launched as a brand in December 2016.

The utmost priority of URANG is to provide safe and reliable products for all customers. URANG defines beauty as “naturalness found in safety” and this is also the brand philosophy.

Unique Recipe

While anyone can produce cosmetic products with OEM or ODM, URANG sells products that are produced with unique, qualified recipes created by the founder herself.

Safety First

Products of URANG are used by the founder and her family as well. All products are considerate of our customers’ and their families’ well-being.

safe and natural high quality ingredients by URANG NATURAL

Excellent Ingredients

URANG does not substitute its raw materials with those with low quality to reduce cost. While it is more convenient to be supplied with raw materials from factories, URANG insists on using high quality ingredients even if the process is inconvenient and costly.

Urang (Ultimate Radiance + Natural Glow)

This is the spirit of URANG.

URANG, in line with ideals of the founder

URANG will always focus on making safe, reliable products for our consumers rather than focusing on profitability.

URANG skin care products are made of only natural and organic ingredients with an average EWG score of 1. URANG directly searches and brings clean, natural and organic ingredients from different parts of the world.

URANG does not substitute the product ingredients with cheaper ones as it is set to use the best raw materials only.

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URANG Product Certificates

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate. Click to enlarge.
ISO14001 Certificate
ISO14001 Certificate. Click to enlarge.
NOP (National Organic Program) Certified Product
NOP (National Organic Program) Certified Product Certificate. Click to enlarge.
GMP (Good Manufacturers Practice) Certified Product
GMP (Good Manufacturers Practice) Certified Product Certificate. Click to enlarge.
USDA Organic
USDA Organic Certificate
NOP / Soil Association Certificate
NOP / Soil Association Certificate

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