Dr. Althea – Korean All Natural Skincare Approach

To Bring out the Beauty Through Healthy and Scientific Approach

In 2014, Dr. Althea started out from the dream of being a brand which provides an extremely professional and effective product, yet trendy with a beautiful design.

“Dr.” as a “professional”, and “Althea” meaning the beautiful “Korean national flower” Mugunghwa.

The scientific name of this flower is Hibiscus syriacus in the mallow family, Malvaceae. In Korean, the word “Mugunghwa” (무궁화) hides three Chinese characters: 無窮 花. The first one (無) means the absence of something. The second (窮) is used when talking about exhaustion or death. And the third (花) translates as “flower”. The meaning of the name “Mugunghwa” can be translated as “immortelle”.


The “Mugunghwa” flower image can be found on the Republic of Korea soldier’s coat, on the government buildings, as well as various official documents. The flower represents the country that inspires the approach to skincare and cosmetics.

Like its name, Dr. Althea represents effective products made from natural ingredients, with an elegant design that characterizes the beauty of the flower.

Showroom at Hongdae, Seoul

Our showroom is located in Hong-dae, the heart of youth and fashion in Korea It is a place where customers gain enthusiastic experience and beauty in multidimensional ways.

dr-althea show room at hongdae seoul korea

Five main dr. Althea goals

01 To help achieve a healthy skin glow with the products and skin care methods.

02 Make the products based on the skin care specialists researches and studies.

03 To produce only safe products, according to dermatological testing and control.

04 To become a leader in the global cosmetology industry using the innovative technologies and developments.

05 Guaranteed product safety and expiration dates.

How the Dr.Althea team works

  • New and unique products development, based on the study of demand and market.
  • Marketing structure development based on the professional data analysis system.
  • Market expansion to support the product availability.

Brand development

2018 Increased sales to 50 billion

  • Selling at Selfridges department stores in the UK
  • Sales at the Woojooh boutique chain in the UAE
  • Sales at the Sephora stores in Indonesia
  • Sales at the Hebe stores in Poland

2017 Increased sales to 25 billion

  • Research institute branch establishment
  • Sales in the online stores GS, AK mall, Lotte
  • The release of the line “Midnight Cinema” makeup
  • Sales at the Lotte ELCUBE stores
  • Sales at the CHICOR stores
  • 2nd place in the nomination “Naver Compac Cushiont”
  • Launch of the new product (cushion) “Aurora Cover”

2014 ~ 2016. Increased sales to 10.8 billion tons

  • Launch of the Dr.Althea skin care line
  • 1st place in the nomination “The most reliable consumer brand in 2015”, Korea
  • Creating a pharmaceutical cosmetic department
  • 1st place in the nomination “Best Korean Brand 2016”
  • Opening stores in Gangnam and Hongdae areas

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