Hyggee – A “Simplistic” Korean Cosmetics Brand

Hyggee - A "Simplistic" Korean Cosmetics Brand 1

HYGGEE meaning

A cup of coffee in a sunny cafe.
A picnic with friends.
A weekend at home, watching a movie curled up in bed.
Hygge is a Danish lifestyle that looks for happiness in everyday simplicity.
Simplicity over pomp.
Simplicity over complexity.
The essential happiness of life that we all search for, found in slowness.
We believe that simple skin care is a good start to embracing the slow, happy hygge lifestyle.

Our skin doesn’t need that much

Many skin care brands suggest using multiple products in a series of steps.
We wondered, however, whether this was really necessary to maintain healthy skin.
We realized that applying too much product on our face can do more harm than good, since excess products do not get absorbed into the skin but only clog the pores and cause irritation.
This is how the all-in-one skin care brand HYGGEE was born.
We strive for ‘less’ rather than ‘more’.
Inspired by the Danish secret of happiness, we create a simple but healthy skin care culture, pursuing a comfortable beauty in life.


meaning of Hyggee logo

  • Brand logo that combines the hyggee philosophy and the essence of beauty.
  • Logo includes braille, to convey our focus on ‘complete beauty’.
  • Simple but sufficient skin care containing essential ingredients.
  • We express the minimalism of HYGGEE through modest design.

HYGGEE’s Signature Ingredients Trio

HYGGEE’s Signature Ingredients Trio

Having listened to your skin woes such as the troubles or chronically dehydrated skin problems that no other products could not solve, HYGGEE figured out the three ultimate ingredients for your flawless skin care.

With the HYGGEE’s signature ingredients trio, your skin will shine and your skin care will be carefree!

Finnish Birch Water: Skin’s Genuine Moisture

Finnish Birch Tree Water Skin’s Genuine Moisture
Dryness is the most common and biggest skin concern. The other moisturizers don’t really work, even if you put them on several times, because they can’t supply skin-like moisture. Birch sap has similar components and molecular structure to skin’s natural moisture. It gets absorbed deep into skin and lasts exceptionally long. It can only be obtained once a year early in Spring. Hyugee has chosen the Finnish birch tree juice over the regular purified water.

Lactobacillus 4 Complex: Regenerative Skin Booster

Lactobacillus 4 Complex
Rough skin texture cannot be covered with make-up. The main reason why skin gets flaky and does not take makeup very well is because skin’s ability to revive does not work properly. Its live and breathing lactic acid fermentation component revitalizes and re-energize your skin. Hyggee contains a complex of multiple lactic acid fermentations: Streptococcus thermophillus, Bifida ferment filtrate, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate.

NMF 5 Effectors: Skin Barrier straight on the skin

NMF 5 Effectors
Skin moisture balance and elasticity gets weaker as time goes by. Why skin ages? Because it lacks skin barrier components. Since its protective component gets weak, you may keep your skin healthy by applying the skin barrier component straight on your skin. Hyggee picked out the 5 core EFFECTORS of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF): Ceramide 3, Arginine, Phytosterol, Phospholipid, Caprlic and Capric Triglyceride.

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