Incellderm Products Frequently Asked Questions

Read our collection of questions and answers after using the Incellderm skin care products. Find out product use recommendations, tips, and skin care routines.

Q1. My skin gets flaky after using the products. How can I exfoliate my skin?
Flaky skin is caused by various factors such as skin conditions, weather conditions or external triggers, which can be compared to a heater where many external key factors play a key role in its functionality.

Dry Skin

Flaking on dry skin often happens when the lipids binding each skin cell are lacking and lead to rapid shedding of skin cells. If the skin is exfoliated by force, the skin can get drier and become very sensitive. Using INCELLDERM products will keep your skin moisturized. If you feel a warm sensation on your skin, it is suggested to use a cool towel to soothe your skin. Active Clean-Up Powder can be used as a daily and deep cleanser as needed. In case of deep cleansing, you may apply the foam of Active Clean-Up Powder on the face, leave it on there for approximately 1 to 3 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water once in 1~ 2 weeks.

Oily Skin

In most oily skin cases, skin cells miss their shedding period and are overly piled up. Those overly piled skin cells prevent products from getting absorbed and cause skin problems, requiring regular skin exfoliation. In case of deep cleansing, Active Clean-Up Powder can be used as a daily cleanser and a deep cleanser as needed. You may apply the foam of Active Clean-Up Powder on the face, leave it on there for approximately 1 to 3 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water once or twice a week.

Q2. My skin gets flaky after using the products. Why is that?
A. When products are used, the rate of skin cell turnover increases and the skin complexion and texture improve, so the dead skin cells that had piled up in the granular layer will be pushed up to the surface on the top layer of your skin. Flaking is natural but temporary. Using the products daily helps the skin turnover cycle become regularized, reduces the dead skin cells, and makes skin smooth and soft.

What to do when skin gets flaky after washing face

Active CleanUp Powder is a low acid product that contains papain extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant, and it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. First, spray Vieton Oil Mist evenly on your face. Apply Dermatology Booster, Dermatology Serum, and then Dermatology Booster depending on your skin type to keep your skin hydrated. Then, put on Active Cream to keep the oil and water balance. For those with very dry skin, wash your face with lukewarm water and then moisturize immediately with Vieton Oil Mist. Also, you may use Vieton Oil Mist frequently whenever the skin gets dry, such as before putting on the basic products, after putting makeup on, and/or during outside activities.

What to do when your makeup pills

You might experience makeup pilling when products haven’t been absorbed and remain on the skin, and it may feel like your skin is covered with tiny flakes. Each skin can absorb different amounts of products. INCELLDERM basic products absorb, and the rest create a protective skin barrier. This barrier might cause pilling when makeup is put onto the face. If that happens, do as follows:

  • What to do before makeup.
    Apply Vieton Oil Mist – Dermatology Booster – Dermatology Serum – Dermatology Booster – Active Cream and absorb completely before applying makeup to avoid pilling.
  • What to do after makeup.
    Spray Dermatology Booster in the area you experience pilling, let it absorb, and then fix the makeup with Cocktail Aqua Sun Gel. It will make your makeup look fresh and natural.
Q3. My skin tone got brighter and more radiant after using the products. Why is that?
A: The young child’s skin contains a lot of moisture. However, as we age, the layer that keeps moisture becomes weaker, leading to dryness.

INCELLDERM products help firm the moisture barriers, providing moisture and other nutrients to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and even remove them, which helps your skin stay hydrated and radiant.

Q4. My facial skin became more tight, bouncy and elastic after using the products. Why is that?
A: As we age, the production of collagen and elastin starts to decline, decreasing and weakening skin elasticity. Our face looks enlarged as the fat on the cheek and chin gets saggy and loose.

However, using INCELLDERM products daily will help stimulate collagen, strengthen muscle memory, and boost skin elasticity. It helps the facial skin restore elasticity and have a slimmer and thinner look.

Q5. My skin feels tightened and dry after using the products. Why is that?
INCELLDERM Xtasome (Nano-liposomes) penetrates deeper into the skin and helps us reverse aging at a cellular level, while other skin care products on the market provide oil and moisture on the surface of your skin. This can cause you to feel tightened and dry on your skin. This symptom is stronger during the dry season. We suggest to use Vieton Oil Mist before using the basic products or after putting on makeup to relieve the tight pulling sensation.
Q6. Some people claim their skin gets irritated after using the products. Why is that?
Xerosis cutis/A very dry skin can be dull, scaly, or rough and looks similar to the desert that is all cracked up due to drought, and when your skin is looked at under a microscope, the lipid layers between keratinocytes have collapsed and look like fine cracks, so when the products absorb, it causes a burning sensation.

Water-based lotions may irritate xerosis cutis instead of healing your skin or soothing symptoms, so it is recommended to use Vieton Oil Mist right after washing or before using the basic skin care products, then use Active Cream and First Dermatology Serum.

After a week, depending on the skin condition, a Dermatology Booster can be used in the last step. However, whenever the burning sensation is experienced, it is recommended to use Vieton Oil Mist to create a skin protection barrier.

Q7. INCELLDERM products are FDA approved as a brightening and anti-agingdual-function. However, some have complained about getting more fine lines after using the products. Why is that?
A. What causes the wrinkles is the aging of collagen cells which leads the boundary between the epidermis and dermis to become uneven.

However, once the collagen cells in the dermis start regenerating, the boundary between the epidermis and dermis becomes more uneven for a while, creating even new yet temporary fine lines. Fine lines will come and fade while boosting the dermis so that the boundary between the epidermis and dermis will become even. Once this blending phase is over, the skin will feel much firmer and smoother.

Q8. Some say they feel an itching sensation after using the products. Is it because the products are not suitable for their skin?
A. No. That’s not it. When the active ingredients in Xtasome (Nano-liposome) absorb deeper into your skin, they stimulate capillary and make blood vessels healthier, and you might feel an itching sensation, which is similar to a healing wound causes itching. This can happen when you use INCELLDERM products at the initial stage.
Q9. Some people say more dark spots appear on their faces after using the products. Why is that?
A. Yes, more dark spots can appear. Melanin cells that produce dark spots exist in the epidermis’s innermost side, called “stratum basale.”

What we see as dark spots is the full of melanin in the stratum basale – stratum spinosum – stratum granulosum – stratum corneum.

Once you start using INCELLDERM products, the skin complexion will improve fast as the melanocyte cells in the stratum basale will move up fast until it reaches the stratum corneum, which makes dark spots more visible for a transient period. This is very natural; once the products are used more consistently, those dark spots will lighten or disappear.

Q10. Acne/ pimples are visible after using the products. Why is that?
A. In most general cosmetic products, surfactants are used to emulsify. Thus, customers who have used other cosmetic products will most likely still have surfactants or dermal toxicity in their skin.

Using INCELLDERM products will improve your skin overall by eliminating the dermal toxicity that may still be in your skin. Pimples or red spots might appear while your skin adjusts to new products.

To shorten this process, it is recommended to use small amounts of Incellderm products in the beginning, observe the reactions, and give the skin some time to adjust.

Q11. Some people get pimples with water blisters and infections after using the products. Why is that?
A. Our skin needs time to adjust, especially when using new products. Pimples could be caused when you use products too much (excessive amounts), or there could be some other factors that make your skin very sensitive. In this case, it is recommended to temporarily reduce the number of products or stop using them just to see how the skin reacts.
Q12. After using the products, my skin complexion gets better or worse. Why is that?
A. Once cells start regenerating, they come up to the surface, remain as dead skin cells, and fall off. This process is called turnover. The turnover time is approximately 28 days; this renewal activity slows as the skin ages.

The skin renewal effect will be visible 7-15 days after using Incellderm products. Since the turnover time and product effectiveness vary from person to person, the skin tone may look good and bad in a repetitive way.

Q13. My face looks swollen after using the products. Why is that?
A. Our skin gets loose and saggy as we get older. Using INCELLDERM products for about 6 to 12 months gives your skin its fullness and plumpness, and you will have a healthier and younger look.
Q14. My skin got irritated after putting on Dermatology Booster. Why is that?
A. The Dermatology Booster contains various bio ingredients and amino acid proteins. Those ingredients absorb fast into our skin and help cell formation. The energy that is created during cell formation might cause skin irritation.

Especially, dry skin is more likely to absorb more of the active ingredient fast, which leads to a more active cell formation. If that is the case, it is recommended to use Vieton Oil Mist more frequently to soothe irritation and dryness.

Q15. When I use Active Clean-Up Powder, it isn’t foaming enough. Why is that?
A. The papain that is contained in Active Clean-Up Powder decomposes pollutants and waste in our skin. If hands are not washed, dust particles and bacteria on our hands will get mixed with the powder and hinder our skin from removing all of the pollutants. Therefore, the products must always be used after our hands are thoroughly washed.

In addition, Active Clean-Up Powder is only made of natural surfactants, which is why the powder creates less foam than other cleansing products. However, Active Clean-Up Powder is a hypoallergenic amino acid powder that will clean all kinds of pores.

Wash your hands before face washing to create abundant foam.

TIP. To cleanse makeup, it is recommended first lightly use Active Clean-Up Powder, and double face wash your skin to give your face a smooth look.

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