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Fully recyclable packaging with care for the environment

200 million animals die from plastic trash ingestion. The amount of plastic contained only in one plastic water bottle can kill up to 20 animals.

When cosmetic companies put a “We care for the green environment” logo on their plastic bottle, how much do they contribute to actually caring for the environment? As a result, 0% of the 38% recycled cosmetic plastic returns into the production. This is because mostly colored plastic is being used. Instead of caring for nature, they are badly poisoning it.

Toun28 organic products

When developing the subscription service Toun28 has made a choice not to harm the environment by using the commonly used plastic packaging.

We don’t think about the environment, we act for the environment by making the fully recyclable packaging.

After completing more than 500 tests, Toun28 finally introduced a self-developed patent-pending fully recyclable paper package.

Toun28 reduced the plastic materials usage by 92% compared to other brands. A firm belief in taking care of the planet– as well as our skin and ourselves– means that Toun28 is committed to usin
g the least amount of plastic packaging.

fully recyclable package skin care cosmetics

It is not as beautiful and fancy. It is less convenient. But we truly hope that you wish to support our movement towards protecting our nature.

In fact, the paper package turned out to be less expensive, which transformed the existing cosmetics pricing concept – the cost of the package is higher than the ingredients.

Climate Change Big Data predicts our skin changes that occur every 28 days, and by using the paper packaging Toun28 does not affect that Climate change.

We develop the products with as much care for you as for the environment

So far, the convenience has been changing the world, but from now on the inconvenience will be changing the world.

High quality ingredients

Do you know what transdermal means? 90% of the chemical and toxic ingredients entering our body through mouth are detoxified in liver, but 90% of the poisonous ingredients that penetrate our skin directly enter our blood and then our brain. Toun 28 definitely has it first thing to say.

If the product exterior look is your first priority, our products are not for you. It does not look good on the outside. And it does not have to. Only the best and highest quality ingedients matter. The trick is that, in order to reduce the production expense, some manufacturers mix high grade ingredients with low quality ingredients and declare that only the highest quality is being used. Toun 28 is using only unfixed, fresh, highest quality ingredients often grown and manufactured directly in the factory itself.

All products are made with organic, unrefined plant oils and butters, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils and organic and wild-crafted botanicals.

self grown ingredients

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