Toun28 Organic Hand Cream H1 Special Care

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This 95% Organic cream takes gentle, effective care for the back of your hands making this vulnerable thin skin looking younger and baby-soft (*See the test results of a 40-years old female in the product description). The cream in 80% consists of the Tomato Fruit Extract enriched with lycopene – a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that helps neutralize and protect skin from environmental effects (Free radicals), such as bright light and air pollution that may contribute to clogged pores and breakouts.


  • Hypoallergenic Organic formula*
  • 0% artificial fragrances/colors, harmful ingredients**
  • Protects skin from free radicals
  • Baby-soft hand skin in about 2 weeks
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Cruelty free
  • Eco-friendly recyclable paper package

*Certified organic ingredients:
95% organic

**According to Hwahae Safety Standarts.

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organic hand cream

Organic cream for the back of hand

1. Why does Organic Hand Cream need such special ingredients?

Our well treated face skin may not expose the real age, but there’s a part of our body which cannot hide our age if not treated properly. Yes, everybody knows that it’s the back of our hands. Human facial skin thickness is about 2 mm while the under eye area has only about 0.9 mm which is almost the same thickness as on the back of your hand.

The difference in facial and back of hand skin thickness

The difference in facial and back of hand skin thickness

Did you ever think about how much irritation and exposure our facial and hand skin receive every day? We’re usually very careful when touching our face especially during washing. But our hands are much more heavily exposed to various kinds of enviromental factors and physical irritation.

various kinds of physical skin irritation

back of our hand exposed to various rough activities

What would your facial skin look like after having the same amount of rough physical irritation?

irritation level comparison to different skin areas

Skin sensitivity and irritation level comparison to different skin areas

Bacause the back of our hands skin receives the most irritation, it needs even a higher quality of ingredients and care than facial skin.

As we grow older it just can’t hide the real age.

That’s why Toun 28 decided to create the most valuable hand-cream from organic, healthy ingredients. 100% natural with 95% organic ingredients. Made especially for your hands from better ingredients than an eye-cream.

toun 28 organic hand cream texture and package

2. Skin Anti-irritation/abrasion protective barrier

skin abrasion test

In this skin abrasion/irritation test we used a special sand paper as rough as regular jeans texture. After rubbing skin 6 times before and after applying the Toun 28 “H1” Organic Hand Cream we achieved the results presented on the chart below.

skin abrasion test results chart

3. Maintain baby-soft skin

Within about 2 weeks, the the Toun 28 “H1” Organic Hand Cream can transform rough skin into baby soft skin.

baby soft skin

Safe to use on babies

4. What is Lycopene and why our skin needs it?

Lycopene belongs to the class of compounds called carotenoids – the red pigment that provides color to plants. It may be found in tomatos as well as papaya, guava, mangoes, pink grapefruit and rose hips. Oily and combination skin see big benefits, but even if you have extremely sensitive skin, you can use lycopene-rich products without making yourself red in the face. Lycopene has been shown to be safe on the skin and generally does not cause irritation. Its sun-rays defeating abilities, and immune system boost shows that lycopene may be quite big in the realm of natural skin care.

How to use

  1. Apply about 1g of the cream to the back of your hand. It is not recommended to apply the cream on palm because it is not as effective on that area as on the back of the hand.
  2. Rub in the cream 3-4 times on the back of the hands and then 7-8 times on the entire hands.

Consumer and Safety data

  • The product is 100% natural with 95% organic certified ingredients.
  • Contains no harmful chemical ingredients.
  • Safe for pregnant women and when breast-feeding.
  • Safe to use on babies and adults.
  • For external use only. Do not use on damaged skin.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Storage: 15 – 27 C.
  • pH level: 5.0 – 6.0
  • Expiry Date: 2020.11.05
  • Shelf life: 6 months after opening
  • Volume: 45 ml

Muslim friendly skin care product not tested on animals


Ingredient nameComposition (%)
*Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract80.00
*Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil6.00
*Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruite Oil2.00
**Cetyl Alcohol
*Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter1.50
*Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter1.50
*Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract1.00
**Cetearyl Alcohol
*Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil0.20
*Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract0.20
Cetearyl Olivate
Sorbitan Olivate
*Citrus Junos Fruit Extract0.30
Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract
Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract
Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract
Xanthan Gum
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil
Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil
Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil
Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Leaf/Twig Oil
Rosa Damascena Flower Oil
Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil
Viola Odorata Flower/Leaf Extract
*Certified Organically Grown95

Cetearyl alcohol also called as cetostearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl is not alcohol in the true sense. It is an emulsifier prepared by combining fatty alcohols that are derived from vegetable oils like palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter or Shea butter. It does not involve the process of fermentation. It helps in binding the oils and water in personal care products like shampoos, hair conditioners and facial creams. It has no intoxicating effects as it is not consumable in the original form. It is a solid mass, a wax like substance. Hence it is halal to be used in personal products.

Cetyl alcohol is also derived from fatty-alcohols and is a long chain alcohol. It is in the form of solid wax flakes at room temperature. It is derived from palmitic acid or palm oil, and causes no intoxication even if taken orally. Cetyl alcohol is used as an emulsifying wax in shampoos, creams and lotions. It is also uses as a medicinal ingredient in certain skin disorder treatments. It is halal as it has no point in intoxicating humans, as it is just a white waxy substance.

Additional information



Skin Concern

Anti-aging, Hydrating, Pore control

9 reviews for Toun28 Organic Hand Cream H1 Special Care

    L*** T*** C*****
    I love this cream so much and have only been using nightly before bed for a week.I love it so much that it prompted me to write my first review.I could feel and see a difference in my very dry hands after the first night's use and it smells amazing too!(like fresh grass)I will definitely buy this product again it is worth the money.
    0 0
    I splurged a little and bought this based on reviews. I am so glad that I did because the cold winter air has been doing a number on my hands and combine that with everyday things like dishes, etc., you get the idea - my hands were in rough shape! This hand treatment absorbs easily, does not feel greasy, has a light scent that disappears quickly (but it's not a bad scent), and totally hydrates. I will be buying this again for sure!
    0 0
    Great smell, not sticky, absorbs well and it works! I work with paper all day and I swear I can hear my hands sigh when I apply thus at night
    0 0
    G**** h*** c****
    I love this soothing hand cream. Great for my sensitive hands, with a great consistency and a nice light scent. I will re-purchase.
    0 0
    F******** f** s**** d** h*****
    I have dry and cracker hands, mostly on the back of my hands around my knuckles. No matter how much cream I put on them, they are dry within an hour. This cream is expensive, but does its job superbly! You don't need much, as it is thick and creamy, and my hands feel so much better. Applying once per day is enough to make them feel good throughout the day, even after multiple washings. I will buy again!
    0 0
    I use this cream at night (before bed) to recuperate my hands after barbell work. I wake up and they're smooth and soft!
    0 0
    M* F******* H*** C****
    My hands used to peel really bad in the winter to the point where they hurt. This was my go to and I really wish I remember where I left it because it was the best hand cream I have ever gotten. It was fast absorbing and unbelievably moisturizing.
    0 0
    t** g***** f** d******
    I work at a computer all day and found this cream wayyy too greasy, even for my dry hands. Like, my whole keyboard looks like I have pizza fingers - that greasy! Even when I would spend a good 30 seconds trying to rub it all the way in, there would always be an uncomfortable film on my hands. This might be a good cream for overnight use or if you don't mind having slippery hands that leave greasy residue on everything, but it didn't work out for me.
    0 0
    i****** r******* e*** i* w*****
    best hand cream! got a free sample of this and loved it right away! putting it on before bed and upon waking has healed my cracked knuckles just after one week (and its been a really cold winter!)
    0 0
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