Category: Anti-aging

At what age should you start using preventative aging products? Find our recommendations and tips to prevent wrinkles and premature skin aging.

What are Ceramides in Skincare?

Ceramides are the star skincare ingredient. It has stayed that way for the past few years. That is why Ceramides can be often found in the Dr.Althea skin care products. Specifically Ceramide-3 or Ceramide NP – a ceramide that moisturizes the skin. But, what are Ceramides anyways? Ceramides (latin: Cerebrum, “brain”) is a type of …

Snail Slime Mucin – the #1 Secret of Eternal Youth

Using snail slime is perhaps the most shocking skin care treatment and at the same time the most expensive method of facial rejuvenation. Not every woman can even imagine crawling mollusks on her face. However, the result is worth it. The slime secreted by snails abounds in beneficial properties. The substance has regenerative antiseptic properties, …
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