Snail Slime Mucin – the #1 Secret of Eternal Youth

Snail mucin benefits for skin

Snail Slime Mucin – the #1 Secret of Eternal Youth

Using snail slime is perhaps the most shocking skin care treatment and at the same time the most expensive method of facial rejuvenation. Not every woman can even imagine crawling mollusks on her face. However, the result is worth it. The slime secreted by snails abounds in beneficial properties. The substance has regenerative antiseptic properties, contains many vitamins and glycolic acid.

From ancient times the giant Achatina (Achatina fulica) snails were used to heal wounds and abrasions, treat burns and scars. The records of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates indicate that a mixture of crushed snail meat and sour milk was used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

snail slime treatment for skin care

How is snail mucin harvested?

To collect mucin, the snails are placed in a glass container, and then they are gently touched with a wooden skewer or a teaspoon. The snails begin to move and secrete a lot of mucin. Obtaining snail mucin is cruelty free.

For the first time in South America, farm workers who cultivated Achatina for export to France first learned about the healing properties of snail slime. People’s skin who were constantly in contact with snails looked young, despite adverse external environmental factors. Damaged skin quickly healed without leaving a trace.

What does snail mucin do for skin?

Snail slime consists of two components: water and mucin, a complex protein that helps to restore the shell. Mucin is a biologically active substance that activates the function of fibroblasts involved in the formation of the tissue extracellular structure, as well as proteins – collagen and elastin. Age-related changes along with exposure to ultraviolet rays reduce the activity of fibroblasts, reducing their number. As a result, the structural integrity of the dermis is violated, and visible signs of its aging appear: enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, wilting, wrinkles.

Snail secretion stimulates the formation of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, reducing the activity of free radicals. In a series of clinical trials, it was proved that the black snail’s slime significantly improves the appearance of the skin, gives smoothness and elasticity, by 29% reduces the appearance of wrinkles and by 16% reduces wrinkles depth.

Snail mucin acts both on the deep layers of the skin, eliminating the problems caused by age-related changes and photoaging, and on the epidermis, effectively fighting bacteria and viruses, acne, rosacea and other skin diseases.

snail mucin skin benefits 2019

Snail mucin is added to the various best snail mucin products: anti-aging essences and masks, and the animals themselves are used to massage the face.

Snail Beauty Treatment procedure

Exotic procedures using mucin are usually performed in beauty salons under the supervision of specialists. Achatinas snails used for cosmetic purposes must be active, healthy and grown in special conditions. The most effective and expensive procedure is the Snail massage.

The procedure is as follows: the patient’s facial skin is wiped with a cotton swab moistened with plenty of milk. Several snails are placed, allowing them to move freely over the entire surface of the face and cover it with healing mucin. Then the snails are removed from the skin and you need to wait 15-20 minutes for the mucin to get absorbed by the skin. After the substance is completely dry, face should be washed with warm water. The sensations may not be the best, but the incredible softness and tenderness of the skin are guaranteed.

There is also another method of treating the face with black snail mucin. The mucin is harvested in advance and applied pure mucin to the skin or added to cosmetic masks mainly from natural ingredients (for example, a korean snail face mask and clay).

Snail mucin skin care products

Due to its amazing regenerative properties, the slime secreted by snails often serves as one of the main skin care components (essences, creams, masks) designed to solve a variety of skin problems.

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Creams with snail mucin are characterized by a special, lasting structure, so applying them to the face differs from applying a regular cream. The cream must be applied in small portions, massaging in gently with fingertips into the skin. Subtly patting by finger tips should be done until the cream is completely absorbed.

snail mucin before and after
Applying snail mucin before and after

Despite the viscous structure of mucin, creams containing it are well absorbed without forming a sticky film on the face. However, they do not fit well with tonal foundations. It is better to use such a cream before bedtime, as at night, especially with combination and oily skin type.

To achieve visible and stable results, snail mucin creams are recommended for use within 2-3 months, applied to the skin twice a day (morning and evening).

How to store the snail mucin products

There is a misconception that cream with snail slime must be stored in the refrigerator. That is unnecessary. Most of these products contain various antibacterial ingredients and preservatives, so they can be stored at room temperature. And low temperatures can lead to a loss of texture of the cream and its delamination.

How to use snail slime at home

If you breed snails such as Achatina at home and are not squeamish about these soft-bodied and slippery creatures, try such an unusual facial massage. A few sessions are enough to make the skin glow again. Recovery along with deep hydration will make the skin smooth and beautiful.

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  • Milla Jefferis Reply

    As to whether snail slime works, it depends on (1) your skin’s response to the products you’ll be trying, and (2) the active compounds of the snail mucus and its consistency. There aren’t much researches available to back up the claim of snail essence, serums, and creams but they’re worth trying!

    September 30, 2019 at 1:20 pm

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